In the Spirit of Ch'an f1


A window on the world of Chinese Zen (Ch'an), this little booklet is a short summary of Ch'an Buddhist thought distilled from Master Sheng-yeh's published and unpublished materials. It is published in the hope of providing beginners and the general public with a new and fresh perspective on the self, the mind, and the nature of our relationships and interactions in the world. Students of other spiritual denominations and Buddhist traditions will find it a helpful guide to understanding the basic ideas and methods of Ch'an.

In the Spirit of Ch'an is a concise survey of the origins and development of Ch'an Buddhism, and an introduction to the essential principles and perspectives of Ch'an Buddhist theory and practice. Two special Ch'an meditation methods, derived from the Caodong (pronounced: tsao dong) and Linji traditions, are revealed in a clear and inspiring manner, as well as a useful daily method of relaxing our body and mind.

Master Sheng-yen, the author of this book, is a living gem of the contemporary Buddhist world. Besides his vast knowledge of Buddhist scriptures and persona] experience of the wisdom of the Buddha, his consistency in precept-holding, his promotion of Buddhist education, and his vows and dedication to, as he would say, "building this world into a pure land" define his unique character and importance. He is one of the last generation of teachers who came from the East to teach Buddhism in the West.