The Sword of Wisdom 127

Day 5 No Substitute for Hard Work

Once you get to the root, don't worry about the branches,
Like pure crystal containing a precious moon.
Since you have realized this all-giving pearl,
Benefit for yourself and others will never end.

Most people pay close attention to the benefits that can be derived from practice, yet they are unwilling to put in the effort needed to accumulate such benefits. The average person may envy a rich person, and wish he had his wealth, but does he consider how that person obtained his money? If he did, he might discover that earning millions of dollars takes time, and requires great effort and determination.

There was once a poverty-stricken woman who was sincere, kind and generous. A deity was touched by her character and appeared before her. "Whatever you desire I will give to you, " it said.

The poor lady answered, "I would like gold." The deity pointed its finger at a rock, and lo and behold, the rock turned into pure gold.

The deity asked, "Is there anything else that you desire?"

The woman thought for a while, and then said, "What I would really like is your finger."