The Sword of Wisdom 150

Day 8 Wielding a Sword of Wisdom

Loss of Dharma Wealth and the extinction of merits,
All are caused by the mind consciousness.
Through the Ch'an door, understand the cutting off of mind,
And suddenly enter the powerful view of the unborn.

It is the activity of your mind which destroys your Dharma wealth and spiritual merit. If your mind did not engage in activity, you would immediately enter the Dharma gate of non-arising. Try to keep your mind from moving. When the mind moves, you lose. As soon as you begin to seek anything you have already suffered losses.

When Bodhidharma went to China from India, he met Emperor Wu of the Liang dynasty. The Emperor told Bodhidharma how much he supported and patronized Buddhism. He bragged about the temples he built and the wealth he donated to the Sangha. He asked Bodhidharma how much merit he had gained for his effort. Bodhidharma told him that he had not gained any merit at all.