The Sword of Wisdom 152

Worldly wealth is subject to loss, theft, damage, decomposition, and a thousand other things. But nothing ─ not time, not natural forces, not human beings ─ can take away Dharma wealth. However, if your mind moves, the wealth is gone. Likewise, the instant your mind stops moving, you enter the door of Ch'an. And at that moment, your mind is pure; that is, there is no mind. At that moment, you instantly realize the wisdom of non-arising. Such wisdom is not subject to the cycle of birth and death.

The great hero uses the sword of wisdom;
This prajna blade blazes like a diamond.
It not only destroys the mind of the outer paths,
But long ago frightened away the heavenly demons.

If you are able to tell your mind to stop moving, and it does, then you are a hero or great person. But if you are unable to do this, then you are just an ordinary person.

If you are able to stop your mind you will be able to move forward in practice and reveal wisdom. Wisdom is as solid and enduring as a diamond, as sharp and powerful as a peerless sword. Wisdom functions like a vajra sword; it cuts through everything. The sword King Arthur pulled out of the stone was such a sword. If you wield this sword, then you will cut through all false teachings and subdue all heavenly demons. A person whose practice reaches this level acquires remarkable eloquence. As soon as he speaks to an audience or engages in debate, people develop strong faith in him. He has profound faith, and he also has wisdom. Such a person wields a powerful sword.