The Sword of Wisdom 165

It cannot be grasped, nor can it be discarded;
It is obtained only in the unobtainable.

It is impossible to attain Buddha-nature by grasping for it. Buddha-nature is not something that can be explained or praised. It is as big as empty space and as small as empty space. It contains everything. In the quickest snap of one's fingers every moment of time is present within it. How can one possibly praise something that is beyond comprehension?

No matter where you are, it is possible to perceive Buddha-nature. But the instant you chase after it, it is gone; you will not be able to find it.

Buddha-nature can neither be grasped nor discarded. Only when it is unobtainable can it be obtained. As you can imagine, there is not much one can say about this. So if you cannot attain it, how do you attain it? How can you attain something by not attaining it? In truth, there is no attainment. Buddha-nature is here right from the start.

My question is, "Where is your mind?"

I will tell you something about Buddha-nature: When there is no mind, that is it. But when you put your mind on Buddha-nature, it's gone.