The Sword of Wisdom 185

Not all preachers are like this. Most are open-minded, but a few, as in this case, tend to be fanatical. Buddhists with the proper attitude are not like this. We do not force our ideas on anyone.

Wrong is not wrong; right is not right;
The slightest deviation veers a thousand miles off course.
If right, the dragon maiden becomes Buddha at once;
If wrong, the monk Suraksatra falls alive into hell.

If you leave the path of Ch'an, even by a hair's breadth, you are completely wrong, and can plummet to hell like the unfortunate monk, Suraksatra. If you are right, then you are completely right, like the dragon maiden who instantaneously attained complete Buddhahood.

A person may turn things upside down and say something is right when it is actually wrong, or say something is wrong when it is actually right. How can you judge what is right and wrong? Can you say there is no Buddha, no Dharma, no Sangha, no enlightenment?