There Is No Suffering 28

The second gate is no-form, which is sometimes translated as ‘no characteristic.’ Form ( xiang), or characteristic, has many shades of meaning, but in this case we are emphasizing mental constructs. Forms come into being when our mind attaches to, or discriminates between, phenomena. These forms, as creations of the mind, also become obstructions to perceiving things as they really are. This leads away from liberation. Non-attachment, on the other hand, means liberation from form. This is the meaning of no-form. Both the Diamond Sutra and Platform Sutra state these ideas very clearly.

You might say that one can only experience the world through the sixth consciousness; hence there must be attachment. For liberated beings, however, the sixth consciousness has been transformed into functioning wisdom, and there is no attachment when one acts from wisdom.

Liberation Through the Gate of No-vow