There Is No Suffering 96

Basically, ‘no wisdom’ and ‘no attainment’ are the same thing. True wisdom is wisdom without attainment. Attainment can be attainment of merit and virtue, or of retribution—the consequences of your actions. If you believe that you have performed virtuous actions and will receive merit and virtue, then, of course, you will receive retribution for your actions, whether you want retribution or not, it will come.

Contemplation of No Wisdom, No Attainment

If, on the other hand, you do virtuous acts with no thought of accumulating good karma, then whether you receive retribution or not does matter to you. Retribution will come, but, in the no-self state, you will not see it as such. When you practice, there are always results. Whether you are attached to them or not, the results will be there. When you are attached to the results of your practice, you receive the retribution of an ordinary sentient being; when you are not attached to such results, you receive the retribution of saints.35

When you practice with a goal of attaining fruition, what you get is the fruition of outflows. If you practice without a seeking nature, then it is possible to receive the retribution of the saint, but you would not consider sainthood to be attainment. To one without outflows, without a self-center, it would just be an experience. There would be no feelings of accomplishment, grandeur, or superiority. There would be no need for pride. The more you think of practice as an accomplishment, the less likely you will accomplish anything in practice. To avoid this kind of trap, you should remain humble and always be a beginner on the path.