Zen Wisdom 93



Would Shih-fu discuss the practice of Buddhism in relation to other religions? Is it possible to practice Buddhism and still maintain faith in another religion?


Buddhism can be practiced at five levels. The first level corresponds to the human realm, the second to the heavenly realms. In both of these levels, there are appropriate ways to practice according to Buddhadharma Most religions do not venture past the human and heavenly realms. Some, perhaps, are not even concerned with the heavens, but only with human life. In the sutras, the appropriate actions and practices necessary for sentient beings in the first two levels, or for those beings in the human realm who wish to enter the heavenly realms, are explicitly taught in accordance with Buddhadharma. In this sense. Buddhism is not opposed to people seeking to be reborn in the heavens, and therefore, is not opposed to other religions which teach the same.