There Is No Suffering 55

perspectives on Impermanence

Not clinging to either the negative or the positive is correct Buddhadharma. The reason we lose hope when faced with failure, and get overexcited when meeting success, is that we cannot let go of our self importance. Whatever we cannot let go of becomes an obstruction. Buddhadharma espouses being aware of the reality of the moment, then letting it go. A young person is not yet old; an old person is not yet dead. Work with what you have, and do not resist change. Understanding that every moment, your life— indeed, the entire universe--is a dynamic process of birth, growth, decline, and death, will help to loosen your attachment to self. In turn, you will be hopeful in facing difficulties, composed when meeting success, and dedicated when fulfilling our obligations.

"Neither born nor destroyed” refers not only to physical life and death, but also to all phenomena. All things start to decay after coming into being--nothing remains unchanged. However, this truth need not make us despondent; we need not let the inevitable paralyze us. Once we are born, our body begins the process of dying, but in the meantime, we can use our body while life is present.