A Pure Land on Earth 11

The keynote of the conference was expressed in this way: "Neither the diverse Buddhist traditions, nor fields of scholastic discipline, nor any religion can assert that only its faith or tradition is superior. It is essential that in the process of mutual acceptance and learning, we work toward the vision of 'Building a Pure Land on Earth."'


If the Sangha is the community of Buddhists, then true Buddhists see the world as their Sangha. This is not to say that we should see all people as Buddhists, but that we should see them as parents, brothers, sisters, and children, all deserving of our compassionate care. And it all starts within the small circle of earth that each one of us inhabits at any given moment. This is where peacework begins--within our own bodies, hearts, and minds. It is concrete, it is direct, it is simple, and it is the way of the Buddha.


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