A Pure Land on Earth 10

The Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association, with headquarters in Taiwan and the United States, actively promotes the Movement of the Pure Land on Earth. We teach these concepts and methods of practice to all practitioners, whatever their cultural or educational background. Our slogan is: "Everywhere is a meditation hall; everywhere is a Buddhist temple." Every family is encouraged to set up a meditation space, a place where together and singly, family members can compose their minds and experience genuine peace. We believe that "engaged Buddhism" begins by engaging one's own mind, in one's own space.

We promote this peace movement wherever we go. In Taiwan, Europe, and America we have conducted more than l50 seven-day meditation retreats. Those who continue their meditation practice become our worldwide "Ambassadors of Peace." We have founded a university in Taiwan, which will provide undergraduate and graduate education in social and humanitarian subjects geared toward the development of the individual and the peaceful transformation of society. We hold annual international conferences at the Institute of Chung-Hwa Buddhist Culture in Taipei, focusing on a global understanding and spread of Buddhist principles and practice of peaceful living. Our professional seminars spread the message and practice of peace to professionals in all fields, including prominent military and political leaders. Ordinary Buddhists around the world promote this idea and ideal of peace, sharing with and encouraging others.

In July of l997 we sponsored the Third Chung-Hwa International Conference on Buddhism in Taiwan, with the conference topic being: "The Earthly Pure Land and Contemporary Society." With a subtopic of "Building a Pure Land on Earth," scholars from 11 countries representing Asia, America, and Europe presented 48 papers on ways the vision of the Pure Land may have practical relevance today and in the future.