A Pure Land on Earth 9

The purpose of practicing meditation is to create inner peace by calming the mind and stabilizing your emotions. If you practice meditation well you are less likely to become angry or agitated in your every day life. By meditation, we do not mean just sitting with concentration, we also mean bringing mindfulness to all your waking activities. Thus your emotions and behavior will be more stable, and conflicts with others will lessen. In these simple ways we can establish peace in the lives of individuals and societies.

The simpler methods include contemplating your thoughts, your breath, or counting your breaths. As soon as you begin to contemplate, your mind will calm down quickly. When you practice precepts and meditation together, wisdom naturally arises in your mind, which means that you will be able to see everything more objectively, and your mind and behavior will not be adversely affected by the environment. By practicing precepts, meditation, and wisdom, your mind and actions will be at peace. You will be able to live peacefully with others at all times.