Zen Wisdom 175

The only way you can avoid or alleviate this bad karma is to somehow catch the consequence before it manifests, before the causes and conditions have fully ripened. To use the same analogy, if you see the flood coming, then you can move to higher ground, so that it won't affect you as much. You can do this by practicing with diligence, by repenting past actions, and by performing virtuous deeds ─ making offerings, giving donations, helping others. The accumulated merit from these virtuous deeds and the power of your practice can help to alleviate or offset bad karma.

Of course, if you are a true practitioner of Ch'an, then you know that vexation is vexation, whether it is good or bad. A true practitioner would strive to maintain his or her equanimity in all situations ─ good, bad or neutral.

Has anyone here ever been caught in a flood?